5 Apr 2018


I am a big fan of SUPERMATCH FORMAT, and I truly believe that this format is a future in PRO armwrestling, and the best form to determain a winner. 

The popularity and recognition of PRO armwrestling should be built in a similar way as it is done in UFC, Bellator and other top MMA organizations. Events with ONE vs ONE matches, lasting no more then three hours, with magnetic individuals whose preperation and talk before the event. All these aspects form one whole, the EVENT.

As the TOURNAMENT FORMAT is a huge part of armwrestling, so there is no option that this form of eliminations could go into oblivion. I don't want this, nobody wants it. The amature events, with the leading body, WAF should continue building sport's recognition using the tournament format, one day reaching the Olimpics. Maybe the rules should be a bit more simple, so we could watching more fight and less micro fouls at the events. 


Tournament format is like a short distance run in athletics, prefering pullers with faster start, there is more time for the rest before the maches, also is luck of avoiding stronger opponent in early eliminations. 

In supermatch format, which is more like running at a longer distance, the endurance plays important role. As it's an ONE vs ONE match the strategy is also important.

Both formats are good, however the most universal winner in armwrestling could be determained by running events where those two major formats mixed.

The tournament format with double elimination could be used in each class from the beggining till the Top 4, then best four from eliminations qualify to semi-finals.

From the semi-finals it could be used the supermatch format. In the first semi-final the competitor who took first place faces athlete from the 4 place, and in the second semi-final, the participant who took 2nd place fights against the puller who placed 3rd. The semi-final winners meet in the final. All supermatchs in Best 2 of 3 or 3 of 5. 

If you calculate in eliminations, trying to save more energy for later, you possibly choose a more harder road in semi-final. 

I believe this is perfect combination to determine the most universal and the best competitors, and the smooth road from tournament to supermatch format.

This kind of events were organized before few times and athletes liked it, as the supermatch format is very popular among competitors. Hoply the event organizers do not forget about it and T&S EVENTS will be appear more often in armwrestling calendar.

Who knows, maybe one day this form of determaining a winner would be used at Worlds, and the most universal champion would be the one with WAF Gold medal.

/ Tomasz Wisniowski