28 Apr 2018

CLUB TORTURE: Over the Top Table

When I saw this table first time, my reaction could be only one.. WOW, what a table. For me personally it's the best armwrestling table I ever seen. Iconic picture from legendary Over The Top with Rick Zumwalt vs Sylvester Stallone and Cobra Rhodes as a referee makes it magnetic. 

Seeing this table, one thought comes to the mind..

The table was ordered by armwrestling club run by Paul Maiden, named Club Torture. Made by Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion.

Armwrestling fans will be have the opportunity to fight on this table. On September 08th in Wigan, England will take place Club Torture Classic 2018, organized by Paul Maiden.

Great idea guys!

Adam Kaczor with CLUB TORTURE trainer, Paul Maiden

/ Tomasz Wisniowski