18 Feb 2018

Sergey Viatkin: "When I go to the table, I always smile, greet the opponent. I respect my rivals..."

photo: Disabled World Cup - Poland

Anna Mazurenko, an organizer of Disabled World Cup - Poland has interviewed Sergey Viatkin, a multiple European and World champion in PID 65 kg, a captain of the Russian Para-armwrestling Team, a trainer for the Perm Armwrestling Team (the region of Russia), one of the most, if not the most active and the best region in para-armwrestling in Russia.

Sergey, you are always cheerful and smiling. Always with a full bag of medals. How to make a team of champions like yours?

- Well, my smile always helps me to go to victory. When I go to the table, I always smile, greet the opponent. I respect my rivals, I have no aggression.

When fighting, I automatically smile... I do not know why. It's probably my personal... 

And when I feel like I'm winning, then I smile even more. I never have aggression and, regardless of whether I win or lose, I always smile. 

We have a very friendly team, we always win medals. As they say, one performs the way one prepares. 

When we go to world-class competitions, I always tell the guys that we need to justify the money invested in us. It is necessary to win one of the first three places, and not just to have a vacation. This is my task as a coach. 

Who are your students, and what are their achievements?

- I have now 17 athletes and all are people with the limited possibilities. Of them go to the world competitions (mentions names)  and a girl from the city of Perm Menkovskaya Nadezhda. She doesn’t train with me, but also pulls for the team of the Perm Region. We all bring together a large number of medals to the treasury of our team of the Perm Region.

In that year 5 people from our team went to international competitions and successfully performed. 

And who is easier to train, women or men?

- In general, training women and men is the same. But one performs the way one prepares. Girls, of course, need more attention than men. No one can force you to achieve a result - neither the coach nor the parents.

What are your plans as an athlete and coach for this year?

- This year there will be a Russian Championship we need to win it. Well and also all the world gold. All international competitions - European and World Championship, Disabled World Cup... These are the tasks I face now. 

We have eliminations at the Perm Region Championship. Who has performed well goes to international competitions. For me, all athletes are equal - I do not have favorites.

Which of the world-class competitions do you like most?

- Well, in general, last year I liked the competitions in Poland most of all. There were all conditions - transport, delivery, food... Thanks to the organizers, Ania Mazurenko, that she organized such a world-class tournament. Transport, delivery, accessibility... great organization. The hotel had excellent facilities - bathrooms... everything is accessible for people with disabilities. And, of course, the prize fund ... All the guys were excited. I think that next year it will be even better.

/ Tomasz Wisniowski