10 Feb 2018

Entry of the Federation of Armrestling into the team of the Putin Team

Photo: armwrestling-rus.ru

"Armrestling is, perhaps, the most democratic and accessible way to identify the strongest. There are no draws.

Behind the struggle with the rival is hidden every minute struggle with oneself. Sportsmen of the Russian Armwrestling Federation are not fighting "against". They fight "FOR". For a healthy generation, for the development of sport, for the future of Russia. For those values ​​that are also close to the leader of our state Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

The entry of the Federation of Armrestling into the Putin Team is not only the support of the incumbent Russian president, but also the expression of the civic position of more than 10,000 athletes from all over the country - from Naryan-Mar to Sochi, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

This desire to act for the benefit of the Motherland and be proud of it. The future is in our hands!" -armwrestling-rus.ru

/ Tomasz Wisniowski