15 Jan 2018

WoA, Armwrestling 24h & AHC - RECALLS

Today, searching internet, I visited John Brzenk's profile on wikipedia. One of the external links in his profile is still the link not existing anymore, The Armwrestling History Channel (AHC).

What a nice surprise. Still you are able to see few pages of AHC, how it looked like. The link will direct you to web.archive.orgThen I have checked the other blog I used to run, the Armwrestling24, and it's the same. My next move was of course to check if my the most priceless source of all time, The World of Armwrestling is also there... and it's too. What a great recalls.

When I started to be interested in armwrestling in 2009, the World of Armwrestling was top 3 favorite websites I was visiting that days. The other two are still on line, The Armpower.net and  the www.Armwrestling.com, (section archives..., what a place).

For those who are interested in armwrestling since recently. The World of Armwrestling was run by Charlie Minell and Michael Lindström.

My first steps in armwrestling were with WoA, I remember how I reached this website every day, DISCOVERING something new, building my knowledge about this sport. Personally I must say, I had learn from Charlie a lot, the person has a lot of knowledge about armwrestling, and that's why he was one of my experts when the legends were chosen few year ago.

The section with the profiles was awesome. So many information about the armwrestlers with images. Engin Terzi run his Word Ranking there for many years. 

Visiting WoA I felt like a little boy in the wonderland. What a pity that this site is down. Hope one day they will be back.


Tomasz Wisniowski