14 Jan 2018

PREMIER 101 CUP:Rise of Southeast Asia - PROMO

In January 2018, in the biggest state in Malaysia, Sarawak will be hold 3rd International Charity Armwrestling Championship, PREMIER 101 CUP:Rise of Southeast Asia. The charitable event is organised to promote Armwrestling in Malaysia.

This year, as a special guest at the event will be armwrestling legend, an icon of supermatch format, Devon Larratt.

How important this event is for local armwrestling comunity, it shows a scale of promotional campaign that has been held in Malaysia for several weeks. One BIG NAME from the armwrestling world, TWO banners, and the several promo events and publications in the newspapers, and on social media. All this to promote a common passions, THE ARMWRESTLING. 

Very Impressive Malaysia !



15.12.2017: "Solid support from Ministry of Tourism, Art, Culture, Youth and Sport Sarawak." More info here..

Article promoting event on www.utusanborneo.com


10.01.2018. "SASA, Premier 101, MyArms meeting with The CEO of Sarawak Sports Council(SSC), Dr.Ong Kong Swee. To strategise the development of Arm wrestling in Sarawak. SASA will be seeing the State Education Department. This is to seek permission to enter Schools to set up Arm wrestling Clubs. We will unearth the potential pullers from the grassroots. We will provide coaching and training clinics in each schools". More images here...

06.01.2018: "Kuching is getting hotter cause Premier 101 International Charity Armwrestling Championship is around the corner. Today's armwrestling promotion in Mydin Mall, thanks to Mydin's location sponsored for our promotion event." More images here...

22.12.2017:  "Today we have a special guest, Mr Zul Bin Usup from Ministry of Tourism, Art, Culture, Youth and Sport Sarawak joining our training session." More images here...

More details about the event in article: PREMIER 101 CUP:Rise of Southeast Asia

By Tomasz Wisniowski