22 Jan 2018

Malin Kleinsmith

I feel honoured to write for Armwrestlers ONLY! My name is Malin Kleinsmith, and I have been in the sport of armwrestling since 1994. I started when I was in a youth club and won an armwrestling competition there. After that, I was stuck. 

I have several medals at the Worlds and Europeans, and other competitions. But my best achievement has been at the World championships 1998 (Thunderbay, Canada), 2006 (Manchester, England) and 2014 (Vilnius, Lithuania) where I placed 2nd.

My blog here will be about women’s armwrestling. And I hope that you will all find it interesting to read!

Sincerely / Malin Kleinsmith


Malin Kleinsmith

Role: News, editorial, all about women in armwrestling.