21 Jan 2018

"I am my own coach" - Eric Hoppe

On Disabled World Cup - Poland, Eric Hoppe talks with Anna Mazurenko about his passion.
What a spirit... POWER Eric !

Here is an interview:

Anna: You run the www.badenbisons.de website, what’s it about?

Eric: Baden – Bisons is the name of the club where the KSV – Ispringen armwrestlers train. At present there are 20 of us actively training in the club, in different weight and age categories, and I’m the only disabled armwrestler.

Anna: How does your training work?

Eric: I train four times a week. I train my strength three times a week and spar at the table with the other guys once a week. I also do speed and endurance workouts. I am my own coach. I have mastered the techniques well enough to get results at tournaments. My family gives me a lot of support, my father goes with me to major tournaments and gives me mental and moral support.

Anna: What’s that on your right wrist?

Eric: Due to my disability, I cannot keep myself up at the table, I could fall down during a fight. My father made me a special wristband, which improves my safety at the table.

Anna: What are your plans for 2018?

Eric: My goals for this year are: the German Championships in Hanau, the European Championships in Bulgaria, The World Championships in Turkey… and the Disabled World Cup, obviously!

/ Tomasz Wisniowski