19 Jan 2018

How to make womens armwrestling bigger!

         (Me and my daughter - be a role model to the younger)

In Sweden woman’s armwrestling is nearly as big as the men’s, and it is growing every year. We have a great team with woman going to the World championships and Europeans, we usually place in the top 3 with the team points in these competition. In Sweden it´s not extra ordinary for a woman to armwrestle. 

During the years I have been talking to women from other countries about how to make women armwrestling bigger in their countries. 

Some of them had said ”The prize money in the competitions are so low, its not as big as the mens, its unfair”or ”They only have a few weight classes for the womens, so I don’t want to participate” or ”nobody cares about us women, only about the men”

My opinion is this. First of all, Sweden is one of the most equal countries to live in (equal between woman and men). So I think it is naturally easier for a woman to start with a ”man dominated sport” than some other countries where the equality isn’t the same. But let´s focus on what we CAN do. 

When someone is making a show for woman, show up! Be a good role model and show up to the competition, even if there won´t be that many women there. Tell other women to show up. Without women showing up, there won´t be a pressure  to have more weight classes than a few next time, or to raise the money for the women’s armwrestling if nobody is showing up. 

The most important thing is ”DON´T SIT AND WAIT FOR OTHERS TO DO SOMETHING, DO IT YOURSELF” If you want something to happen and nobody else is doing anything ”own the problem, and the solution” start doing it yourself. 

You can try to push others to do something, but you can´t always make others do what you want to be done. If you want to make the women’s armwrestling bigger, go out to schools and youth clubs and show them armwrestling. Headhunt women to your team. Be a role model and help women that comes to your club to be better and better, see them as good sparring partners not enemies.

Go to the newspapers and tell them about the latest competition from a woman’s perspective. Be a co-organiser on a competition with somebody else where YOU focus on the women’s and to make the women classes big. Raise your voice. The more women who does this, the bigger the women sports will be, don’t you agree? Don’t sit and wait, you might sit and wait until you die. 

Many people go around in life waiting for others to do something, when they don’t know that they actually have the power to do this something on their own. If you are not capable inspire somebody to help you.

Why are you still reading this? Go out and make your sport bigger! :) :) :) 

/ Malin Kleinsmith