21 Jan 2018

Alexandru Grumeza about the plans for Moldovan Armwrestling for 2018

In 2017, the National Armwrestling Federation of Moldova registered its first year of activity as an official structure, recognized by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Sport. We would like to mention the following activities at national level:

1. The organization of the first National Championship where 95 athletes participated;

2. The establishment of partnerships with a number of fitness halls where we have spent amateur championships;

3. The development of University Championships at the largest Universities in the country (University of Physical Education and Sports and University of Medicine and Pharmacy); but also in a high school in the capital ("Spiru Haret"); also more sports events in the provinces.

4. It was possible to establish a partnership relationship with a national coverage television (ImpactTV), which broadcasts live all the events organized by the Federation, including the launch of the weekly "Armfight Live on ImpactTV", where every Saturday, directly from the plateau they broadcast super-matches of moldovan athletes

5. In collaboration with the Department of Penitentiary Institutions and with the Norwegian Expert Mission to Promote Law Enforcement in the Republic of Moldova, using the "ARMWRESTLING" sports discipline, a large-scale social project was developed to promote healthy lifestyle and sport among prisoners.

Absolutely fantastic results have been achieved by our athletes at international championships:

1. European vice-champion; World Champion and "Zloty Tur" Professionals Cup Winner - Daniel Procopciuc;

2. European and World Youth Champion - Oleg Tudorean;

3. 2nd place and 3rd place at the European Championship, 3rd place at the World Youth Campaign - Mihaela Lazari;

4. Double silver medal at the World Youth Championship - Valeria Chipăruş;

5. 2nd and 3rd place at the European Championship and the World Championship among athletes with visual disabilities - Vladimir Butucea.

It should be noted that the results obtained internationally led to the fact that the Moldovan Government, through the Ministry of Sport, congratulated athletes and their coaches with money prizes, and this is a premiere for our national sport. Also, Daniel Procopciuc was declared "Sportsman of the Year in Non-olimpic Sports" by the Sports Press Association of Moldova, but also "The Champion of the Year" at the TRM (National Radio and Television) Awards Gala.

All the 2017 results inspire us and require us to be even more active and productive in 2018.

So we will start with the National Championship on March 17, 2018, then with a team of 10 - 15 athletes we will represent our country at the European and World Championship, where we plan to achieve even better results than we had in 2017.

We will continue the weekly project of Armfights on ImpactTV and we plan matches not only between Moldavan athletes but also between athletes from other countries, obviously the first guests will be our neighbors from Romania and Ukraine.

Because Armwrestlers ONLY is a site that actively promotes women in Armwrestling, we want to mention that it is also a priority of ours, as the National Federation, to train and promote women athletes. I think we have very good perspectives with the female team, responsible for their training being Mihail Grumeza, because we currently have about 20 active female participants, some of which have manifested themselves at international level (Mihaela Lazari, Valeria Chipăruş, Nataia Shkuratkova, Galina Shamota). For girls, we will organize the National Championship battle in 4 weight categories on both the left and the right hand, and the winners will challenge the title of the strongest sportsman in Moldova in the Open category for left and right hands. Also we have reserved places for our female athletes  at the the weekly TV Armfights and we also plan to invite female athletes from other countries to fight with our girls.

Alexandru Grumeza, General secretary of the Arwrestling Federation in the Republic of Moldova.