17 Oct 2017

Another stolen photo by iGNORANT

How many times I have to ask, remind you...?

Another of my photos was stolen/used to promote event without asking/informing me, without my permission, it was used and no credit was given to my work.

It seems like for some people in armwrestling community it's natural thing to steal someone's work and use it in promotion as it own.

Yes.. During the years I have experienced that very often, and always is the same story: I did not know, I will add info about you Mr Wisniowski... or people simply ignore my messages.

Normally, I have no problem when people ask me for permission of using my images and giving a credit to my work, but I hate ignorants / thiefs.

Here are some of my experiences during the years:

The newest Example..
Image used by SAW - Shanghai Arm Wrestling to promote event,  whoever made this banner... he/she used it (stolen) without informing me, and as always no credit was given to my work. I contacted people related to this event, they read my messages and ignore it.


Another example...
Image was stolen from my website, watermark was removed and without any credit to my work it was published in 20 MINUTOS, a local newspaper, in Madrid, Spain. Here is link to on-line version of the newspaper www.20minutos.es.

The person, who stole my image, removed watermark and send it to the newspaper is on the image (on right side). I know that because I have contacted newspaper, and I been told by them that person who sent them image with text to article, said that own copyrights of the image.

And another example..
Image from ARM WARS in Madrid promoting the revenge match at Arnold Classic Brazil. It was use at official website of Arnold Classic Brazil without informing me, and no credit was given to my work.

And another ONE...
Few years ago a supplement company from Sweden used one of my images to promote the new line of supplements. On product box was used image of athlete (my photograph) that they has sponsored that time.... all without informing me, without giving credit to my work.. do not mention money :). 

...plus during the years, many of my images been used on social media, most people do not care even give credit to my work, but often they care to remove a watermark when it's on it.

Always, if something like that happened, I tried to talk / settle it amicably, to avoid bad attention as much as possible.. but enough is enough.

I consider myself as an armwrestling photographer, and I'm probably the only one who does it, who promote sport in this way... here is an article on PETRIe Magazine.

But I have limits... , so Dear Armwrestling Community, act like that more often, than you will lose me too, the same like your lose f.e. big events.

Armwrestling photographer yet, Tomasz Wisniowski