23 May 2017


Why John Brzenk is The Greatest Armwrestler of All Time?... Eric Roussin explains it very well in his newest article on The Armwrestling Archives.

"John Brzenk is the most successful armwrestler in the history of the sport. In his 35-year competitive career, it is estimated he has won 500 titles. A handful of other pullers have won hundreds of titles, but in terms of major professional titles, no one is even close to him. It is unlikely that we will ever see someone build such a lengthy and impressive armwrestling résumé.

Below is a chronology of MOST of the titles that John Brzenk has won. It includes class titles, overall titles, and supermatch wins. It begins with his first known major title in 1982 and ends with his most recent one in 2015. The list includes almost 400 titles won on five continents. There are certainly other titles -- should anyone be aware of any, please contact me and the list will be updated."


16 May 2017

2017 Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championships promo 3

"The 2017 Inaugural Pro Football Armwrestling Championships, featuring 32 professional football players competing for charity in a thrilling arm wrestling tournament, will air nationally in a television series on CBS. The high-intensity event will air in three parts – two Preliminary Rounds shows will air during Memorial Day Weekend, on May 27 & 28 at 2-3pmET/1pmCT. The Final Rounds / Championship Show will air on Saturday, June 3 at 2-3pmET/1pmCT, which will include the crowning of the 2017 Heavyweight & Light Heavyweight Pro Football Armwrestling Champions! Each Champion will be awarded $100,000 in prize money, $50,000 of which will be donated to the charity/charities of their choice." - Profootball-Armwrestling..com


14 May 2017


photo: Ron Bath

"That time again. Time to donate platelets. 
My challenge to you. If you are healthy n able. Donate." - Ron Bath

3 May 2017

Larratt goes to Gallery

Dear Friends,

On this occasion I would like to invite you to two exhibitions. "Buzz" will take place in Media City in Manchester, UK on 8-11th June 2017, and "Eclectic" will take place in 5th Base Gallery in London, UK on 11-13th 2017.

The work features a very successful sportsman; arm-wrestling legend, current WAL World Champion, Devon " NO LIMITS " Larratt.