10 Apr 2017

Larratt, Bagent, & Kindt at Pro Football Armwrestling Championships 2017

Photo Credit: Tom Hauck/Getty

Message from WAL:

"WAL Nation:

As many of you are aware, the Pro Football Armwrestling Championships took place this weekend in Las Vegas and is scheduled to air on CBS in late May/early June.  This event has come into the spotlight as the NFL is considering fines on the players for violation of their gambling policies of the NFL.  We have received countless emails and calls asking about WAL's role in the event and wish to clarify for WAL nation:

The event producers contacted WAL to request a release of rights for 3 of its contracted athletes for participation in the event.  As always, when approached properly and ahead of time, WAL granted the show the rights to include Devon Larratt, Travis Bagent, and Luke Kindt as part of the production.  Travis and Devon trained and coached various competitors, and we anticipate that they along with Luke will be included in the show.  

2 Apr 2017


Message from PFAWC official website: 

Filming Live at 
Las Vegas MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
April 5 - 9, 2017
"The Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship will bring together 32 of professional football's strongest players to compete in a two-team competition where a champion team, one lightweight and one heavyweight champion will be crowned. A portion of all prize purses for both individual and team competitions will be donated to charities of the player's choice.