6 Jan 2017

WAL Majors announcements !

Message from official WAL facebook page:

As we launch 2017, we’re excited to keep unveiling these big, new events, where competitors will vie for the title of each WAL Major Champion – complete with their own unique rewards. Here are 3 important updates below:

1. Prize Money. Huge news! First off, WAL is happy to announce a massive prize pool available at the 2017 Majors! At each event, WAL will award $10,000 in prize money. Think you got what it takes to win? A specific breakdown will come this week, but for now get ready: the stakes are high in 2017. For classes that don’t meet a minimum number of competitors (6) we will adjust the prize money downward in increments and use the remainder as spot cash on random matches. Be there to fight for it!

2. Rankings Points Opportunity. The “Battle in the Bayou” along with each of the majors coming this spring will be some of the biggest events of the year, which means one thing – a great way to improve your ranking! The new and improved system is almost done (more on that this week) and you will now have a clear path to propel yourself into a spot in the Championships – so compete.

3. Iconic Awards. Winning one of the WAL majors will be a tremendous accomplishment for any elite athlete and one that deserves the prestige and recognition befitting a WAL Major champion. To that end, WAL is creating custom awards for each WAL major event. Each of these awards are inspired by the region where the major takes place. First up: The WAL Southern Classic “Battle own the Bayou” in New Orleans where competitors will vie for the "WAL Golden Gator” (image abowe).

Remember, we’re kicking things off with the “Battle in the Bayou." There will be rankings points, Gators and money up for grabs – be there to win it and progress towards finals 2017! 

More coming this week, stay tuned!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to watch a 2017 WAL Major on one of the biggest stages in WAL history!

The best-of-the-best will be stepping into the pit to claim the title at the WAL Southern Classic, "Battle in the Bayou" on February 11th at House of Blues New Orleans!

Spectator tickets are now available at: www.houseofblues.com