23 Oct 2016


1. Introduction
The World Armwrestling League ("WAL") has developed this Anti-Doping Program (the "Program") to protect the integrity that is inherent in the sport of armwrestling and to ensure the health and safety of all WAL Competitors ("Competitors").  The use of performance enhancing substances is contrary to the spirit of fair competition that has always been a valued tradition in armwrestling.  The WAL is committed to educating Competitors on the dangers associated with performance enhancing substances.  The Program will be administered by the office of the WAL Commissioner, with the assistance of external legal, medical, and scientific experts.

2. Program Application
By virtue of competing in any WAL event, and signing a WAL contract, all Competitors agree to comply with and be bound by the terms of the Program.
All Competitors shall be prohibited from using, possessing, selling, facilitating the sale of, distributing or facilitating the distribution of any Performance Enhancing Substance ("Prohibited Substances")

3. Performance Enhancing Substances

Any and all anabolic androgenic steroids covered by Schedule III of the Code of Federal Regulations’ Schedule of Controlled Substances (“Schedule III”), as amended from time to time, and the categories of hormones and agents with antiestrogenic activity that are set forth in Nos.67 - 74 below, shall be considered Performance Enhancing Substances ("Prohibited Substances") covered by the Program. Anabolic androgenic steroids, hormones, and agents with antiestrogenic activity, that may not be lawfully obtained or used in the United States (including, for example, “designer steroids” and peptide hormones) also shall be considered Prohibited Substances irrespective of whether they are covered by Schedule III. The following is a non-exhaustive list of substances that shall be considered Prohibited Substances covered by the

Program: ... see all list on www.walunderground.com