29 Nov 2014


The 4x5 Sinar large format advertising photography for World Press Association. The image I produced had be created using newspapers and the way how I will approach it visually was left entirely up to me.

As the theme I chosen Armwrestling. I made a object, modeled on the statue, a bronze sculpture, from the elbows up, of two people in a competitive death grapple in Petaluma, CA. The statue commemorates Bill Soberanes, who founded the town’s World Wristwrestling Championships. and is a legend in this sport.

In the second shooting I builded a backdrop and added faces as a spectators. The image has few meanings. The faces of woman and man mean that this is sport for both sex. As a spectators, mostly I used the faces of mma fighters, which means in my opinion that this sport should use UFC model of promotion to get more attention and recognition. There is also few quotes placed on the object which in some way represents this sport.

See larger size of the image on my site: VISNIA PHOTOS.

Other images:

 Just before first shooting in the studio.

Object with the research book for the UNI

Research book and developed 4x5 format film leaning against the object.

Author: VISNIA