7 Oct 2014

Worlds 2014 - Statement from WAF General Secretary, Mircea Simionescu-Simicel

At this year's Worlds in Lithuania, World Armwrestling Federation have encountered some problems with the Host Federation. After the event on armpower.net appeared several articles informing public about the problems, but it was a version of one side in the conflict. Alway, before I will build my own opinion I want to hear the other side version too, so I sent an e-mail to The President of World Armwrestling Federation, Assen Hadjitodorov asking for statement in this case:

This email I sent to The President of World Armwrestling Federation, Assen Hadjitodorov:

"Hi Mr. Assen Hadjitodorov !

After this year WAF Worlds, on armpower were published articles about encountered problems at this year event. This is version of one site in conflict, I would love to hear the other site version.

As a WAF President, would you be interested to write a statement related to this situation? I want to publish it on Armwrestlers ONLY.

Tomasz Wisniowski"

 I recived this answer:

"Hi Tomasz,

Our gen.secretary Mircea Simionesku will contact with you.


A statment from WAF General Secretary, Mircea Simionescu-Simicel I reciveded:

"Dear Sir,

We have encountered some problems with the Host Federation and with their main suppliers namely AVEC LIT (Sound & Lighting) and Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion.

WAF assign the Host of World Championships by voting in the Congress few years ahead (3 years). The host is responsible for all financial aspects, organization, broadcasting and WAF is responsible for the sporting aspects (planning and consulting, logistics, referees, meetings and seminars, rules, doping, scoring etc).

Unfortunately the Host was unable to pay some of their suppliers and the suppliers then stopped the service or materials (medals and cups for the last day) to the Championship. WAF payed most of the Host obligations in order not to have the championship stopped but could not solve the medals problem with Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion, which refused to sell the remaining medals to WAF. They just hold the medals even if they got the maximum sponsorship benefits without paying a coin to the host or to WAF.

The Host will soon supply the remaining medals and cups to WAF and WAF will then deliver them to athletes and teams affected.

And as this is a good lesson for WAF and our sport development, we will never permit this to happen again.

For any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mircea Simionescu-Simicel
WAF General Secretary"

info: VISNIA