3 Oct 2014

Bill Cox

“I couldn't even begin to tell you the number of friends 
I have made around the World thru armwrestling”

Name: Bill Cox

DOB: Jun 13th, 1941

Location: Lakeville, MA

Country: USA


Bill Cox first tournament as a competitor was in 1977.  "What a shock that was to my ego. Never really won any big titles or events."- Bill said.  Many years he trained with Al Turner and his team.

He started to referee for Al in 1978 and then took over running his events for him in 1979.  He has been promoting events till the present day.  Bill became a State Director for AAA in the 80's and ran two National Championships for them till he left to form the International Armwrestling Federation (IAF) in 1989 of which he is still the Executive Director. 

In 1998  Bill Cox was approached by old friend Dave Devoto about forming a new Armwrestling Federation to represent the USA with the World Armwrestling Federation (WAF), along with Leonard Larkless.  "We started United States Armwrestling (USA) which later became the United States Armwrestling Federation (USAF) which to this day is the Governing body for Armwrestling in the USA" - Bill said.

He ran the first Unified National Championship for USAF in 1998 which qualified pullers for the World Championship in Thunder Bay, ON  Canada in 1998.  That year he also passed the referee's clinic with a perfect score and was appointed the title of Master Referee.

"I have refereed about about 30 National Championships. I was one of the first american referee's to referee at a Canadian National Championships in the early 90's.  The Can-Am Championship I created ran for 25 years before I turned it over to my IAF State Director from NY Kevin Siska" - said Bill.

In 1989 he started the International Armwrestling Federation (IAF) and it is still going strong. Bill built the IAF website iaf1.homestead.com in 1990 and still maintain it today. Also he is the moderator for the Northeast Message Board which has become the largest message board in the sport of armwrestling.

" I couldn't even begin to tell you the number of friends I have made around the World thru armwrestling" - said Bill.

After so many years in this sport Bill Cox still runs tournaments and referee's other tournament. 

Bill  and Richard Lupkes - National in Denver

Bill with his friend Marcio Barboza ( Friends since late 80's)
Can -Am Championship - in either 2003 or 2004

Bill with Willy Deneumostier and Fred Roy
World Championship in 1998 in Thunder Bay, ON Canada
This was the year He quelified as a Master Referee

Bill with Igor Akermentster and Dave Devoto