4 Mar 2014

UAL adds New Weight Divisions !

UAL informed today on facebook about the changes in the weight divisions which will apply from the nearest upcoming event, the UAL 7.

To the men's divisions was added one more division, the fatherweight, with the weight limit: 0-150 lbs. At the UAL 6, the lightest weight category was lightweight division with the weight limits: 0-165 lbs, from the next event it will be: 151-165 lbs. Other divisions in the men's remain unchanged.

In women's divisions, the league comes back to the previous format used at the UAL 4 and before: a lighweight division and a middleweight division. The weight limits in lightweight will increase by 5 lbs to 145 lbs, middleweigh will be 146+ lbs.

UAL New Weight Divisions:

Men's Right & Left Hand Divisions:
Featherweight: 0-150 lbs
Lightweight: 151-165 lbs
Middleweight: 166-185 lbs
Light-Heavyweight: 186-205 lbs
Heavyweight: 206-235 lbs
Super-Heavyweight: 236+ lba

Ladies Right Hand Divisions only:
Lightweight: 0-145 lbs
Middleweight: 146+ lbs

info: VISNIA