6 Mar 2014

Game of Arms: Season 1, Ep.2 recap by Ted Czech

Ted Czech's comment on YouTube: "In the second episode of the AMC reality show on the sport of arm wrestling, Game of Arms, the Kansas City Rolling Thunder travels to Louisiana to take on the Baton Rouge Roughnecks. And it was a rough time for the Roughnecks: KC's Don Underwood beat BR's Craig Tullier 3-0, KC's Bill Lodgsdon beat BR's Jerry Avants 3-2, KC's Ethan Fritsche beat BR's Turbo Borrows and KC's Nick Zinna beat BR's Larry Alexie 3-0. In the main event, multi-world champion KC's Andrew "Cobra" Rhodes took on BR's Matt "Chop" Bertrand. Chop won the first two rounds, then Cobra won the third in a grueling 80-second pull. They go to the straps in the fourth after a slip and Chop takes it. It was a moral victory for the Roughnecks, as Cobra is considered a living legend in the sport, and had he won, it would have been a 5-0 sweep over Baton Rouge."

info: VISNIA