21 Mar 2014

Chronology of the Best Female Armwrestlers on the Planet (Right Hand)

Women have taken part in organized armwrestling competition dating back at least 50 years, when the Petaluma World Wristwrestling Championship first included a women’s division. During this time, many women have had tremendous success in the sport. This chronology is my attempt to identify who would have potentially occupied the #1 world ranking (open weight, right hand) throughout the years, had an impartial ranking system been maintained since the women’s competition first began.

The basic rules are simple: a puller gains the #1 spot by either beating the person who is currently #1 or by winning a class in which the top-ranked puller participated. A puller can also lose her rank after a 12-month period of inactivity or absence from major competition. To develop this list, I used the same logic I applied when I managed the In the Hook North American rankings for over five years.

The chronology is based on my analysis of event results from the past 50 years. Historical tournament results are often incomplete, and so anything perceived as an error in this timeline may be due to incomplete knowledge. I welcome discussion pertaining to the list's accuracy, and I am willing to describe the thought process I used for any particular adjustments. I am certainly open to updating the list should a convincing argument be made.

Note that results from all types of armwrestling events were considered, including sit-down and stand-up wristwrestling as well as sit-down and stand-up armwrestling.

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