14 Mar 2014

Board Numbers - Game Of Arms IMPACT

If someone regularly visits the most popular armwrestling forum in the world NORTHEAST BOARD, easily can notice that week by week the number of new members increase. More increase can be seen after the premier of the first episode of Game of Arms on AMC, on Februray 25th, 2014

Yesterday, in the thread: "Board Numbers - Pre Game Of Arms" Gary Kessler asked Kurt Howgate for the board numbers, how Game of Arms and others are making an impact ?

Gary's first comment: "Would be nice to know the board numbers to see how USAA, Gary Kessler, UAL, PAL, WAL and Game of Arms are making an impact. Maybe Kurt can provide the numbers? Thanks".

Some of responds of other board members to Gary's post:

Eric Roussin: "I think it's telling that Bill Cox has approved more new board members in the two weeks since the Game of Arms premiere than he had in the previous two and a half months!

Jeremy Chaudoin: "Lets just hope that the influx of new members isn't comparable to the people who join the gym around the new year. Then quit when the initial ambition is gone, or, in our case they leave when the GoA is over"

Gregg Hull: "Lots of new guys wanting to pull here, 4 in a week approached me."

Kelli Nelson: "As the practice coordinator for the California Armbenders, I have been contacted by two dozen newbies that want to practice with us. 

Things are changing!!!"

Josh Handeland: "I've also been contacted by more new people wanting to try it than ever before. Always a few within the first 24 hours of each new GoA episode."

Eric Roussin: "I've been experiencing the same thing."

Denise Wattles: "My phone has been ringing off the wall starting immediately after the first episode.
I have had an influx of emails too...I still have a dozen yet to answer. GOA is awesome!"

Bill Cox: "Eric is right about more new members in 2 weeks than on 4 months. Our practice for Team MA had 30 pullers last thur and 28 this thur when we used to average about 12 a week with 4 of them being new last 2 weeks."

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