25 Feb 2014

What impact will Game of Arms have on armwrestling?

Though the organized sport has existed for close to 60 years, armwrestling has not reached a point where competitors can make a living just from competition. However, elite armwrestlers can earn some decent supplementary income. The recent emergence of armwrestling leagues has increased opportunities for top pullers to make money in the sport (i.e. a few thousand dollars), however the bulk of armwrestling tournaments still only offer non-monetary prizes, or perhaps a few hundred dollars to the winners. 

Tonight AMC will premiere Game of Arms. Reaction on facebook shows that the armwrestling community is very excited about it. Armwrestling has not been regularly featured on American television for many years and everyone is looking forward to the sport getting the attention it deserves. The casting for the first season looks perfect! 

What does GoA exposure mean to the sport? More and more people will see that armwrestling is an actual sport: one that competitive armwrestlers take very seriously. The show will hopefully convey the dedication required of pullers to become the best they can be. Since the trailers for the show first started airing, there has been a noticeable increase in people wanting to learn more about the sport and to try it out. If all goes well, the beauty of this contact sport will come through and the exposure will lead to bigger and better events and opportunities!