5 Feb 2014

Super Classic VIII 1985 - full video - Armwrestling

For those who like history or want to see in action Great Champs from the past, I recomend the newest video posted by Charlie Minell on World of Armwrestling you tube channel, The Super Classic VIII 1985 - full video - Armwrestling

Charlie Minell's comment on fb: "I have posted single matches from this event before. Here is the full video, as I once got it.

Super Classic VIII 1985, Imperial Palace - Las Vegas

John Brzenk, John Buononato, Johnny Walker, Charles Barbee, Clay Rosencrans, Gary Ray, Jerome Mitchell, Jack Wynn, Dan Stone."

And here is a comment of Eric Roussin, who wrote an article about the AWI events posted before on Armwrestlers ONLY: "The AWI events were known for introducing a controversial rule. When a slip occurred, the referees would restart the match with competitors starting in a "powerlock". This consisted of pullers gripping up as usual and then the referee would turn the hands into a hook position to start the match. If a competitor then twisted out of the "powerlock" he could be given a foul. In 1988, the rule was changed so that all matches began in a powerlock. More info on the AWI events can be found here..."

info: VISNIA