16 Feb 2014

Stop Sign Entertainment: "Soon people were calling me asking me to make them a promo video..."

Now in the Internet age, video is increasingly being used to promote business and personal achievements. More and more of these kinds of promotional videos are being made by armwrestlers. One of these pullers is Mac Telle from California.

Armwrestlers ONLY asked Mac how he started make these videos and how long he has been doing them.

When did you start making videos? 
- I started making videos a couple of years ago to promote myself and Bill Collins’ upcoming events. After the first couple of videos I made, I got a little better every time.

It seems like you made videos for other event organizers also? 
- Yes, I started making videos for Todd King and Jesse Gonzales to promote their tournaments, and then I started making my own promo videos to practice editing.

All for free? 
- Soon people were calling me asking me to make them a promo video. I would never accept any money even if they offered.

How many of them did you make altogether? 
- Today I have made over 60 promo videos and hype videos for events.

Still making them for free?
- My Wife has forbidden me to make videos for free anymore. I can’t argue with her because even though it is fun and I know the armwrestlers appreciate it, it’s a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. Not to mention time away from my wife and kids as well.

How do you produce them? Do you have any particular system? 
- I have a system now where I can produce videos rather quickly. But it still takes time. How did you learn editing? My son was actually the one who taught me how to edit videos.

Is not easier to use a computer to do editing rather than a phone ? 
- I started with an iPad and I was spending way too much time editing videos. My wife said no more iPad to make videos, so I started editing videos on my cell phone.

So, no computer, just the phone?
 - Today I use 9 apps on my cell phone to edit the promo videos I make. I don’t use a computer at all. I just use my cell phone. 

- Thanks for your time Mac and if you want to add something else at the end, feel free. 
- If you or anyone you know would like a promo video please visit my page: Stop Sign Entertainmen for full details. Thank you

Interview by Tomasz Wisniowski (VISNIA)
Text editor: Eric Roussin