20 Feb 2014

Is there starting to be a snowball effect?

In January of this year, Armwrestlers ONLY celebrated its first anniversary. (Prior to this we had run the Armwrestling History Channel and Armwrestling 24h.) During those first years we every once in a while we would receive emails from people wanting to get into the sport: people looking to buy a table, searching for a local club to join, or interested in information on how to hold an armwrestling tournament, etc. But lately, since AMC has started to really promote Game of Arms, we seem to be receiving a lot more of these types of inquiries.

A few days ago I received an email from Mike from the Pacific Northwest of the US, who wants to run an armwrestling competition for his church camp inquired about where he could buy a table. Yesterday, a man from Minneapolis, MN contacted me asking for a place where he could try out the sport. Today I received a message from reporter in Sacramento: "I'm a reporter with The Sacramento Bee. I'm trying to make contact with the Sacramento arm wrestling team appearing on AMC show. I'm wondering if you might have some contact info. "

Eric also has been receiving an increased number of these types of emails. For example, this one, from an advertising agency in Toronto: "I work at an Advertising Agency in Toronto, ON and one of my clients is looking to bring in one male and one female professional arm wrestler for an event we have taking place on March 5th – 7th in London, ON. The athletes would be hired for approximately 4 hours each day 11am-3pm (TBC). Guests visiting the display will challenge the arm wrestlers to a friendly match. The athletes will be paid during this time."

I do not know about you, but for me this sudden increase in interest of armwrestling has a lot to do with Game of Arms and I hope the popularity and recognition of our sport will continue to snowball.