16 Feb 2014

Heavy Promotion of Game of Arms

Less than two weeks left to the Game of Arms premiere on AMC. On facebook we can find many pictures showing big banners and billboards advertising the premiere on Feb 25th.

Comment from UAL puller Rob Vigeant Jr. on the Northeast Board:

"I know I saw ads on AMC every commercial break. I have seen it when out at restaurants and bars ... A lot of buzz about this and it hasn't even aired yet.

Lots of people have asked me about it... It's pretty surprising actually.... My accountant came out and asked me about it and I talk to him 15 mins a year. 

People ask me about Travis and Mike Selearis like they know them by first name... Again... It's only been commercials.

Interesting to see how ratings fare... It has the start of something big no doubt."

info: VISNIA