26 Feb 2014

GoA - Ep. 1: Sacramento Arm Benders vs NYC Arms Control - RESULTS

Results of the first episode of Game of Arms on AMC on February 25th, 2014.
During the show was used a supermatch format, best 3 of 5.

Tom Nelson (SAB)  vs  Mike Ayello (NYCAC)  3:0
Kenny Hughes (SAB)  vs  Mike Selearis (NYCAC)  2:3
Luke Kindt (SAB)  vs  Dan Fortuna (NYCAC)  3:0
Mike Mcgraw (SAB)  vs  Kevin Nelson (NYCAC)  1:3
Allen Fisher  (SAB)  vs  Rob Bigwood (NYCAC)  0:3

Winner team: NYC Arms Control over Sacramento Arm Benders  3:2 

info: James Retarides