9 Feb 2014

Game of Arms over 10 000 LIKES on facebook

Now everyone is on facebook... private accounts, group discussions or fan pages: these are some of the basics of online promotion. The number of "likes" is an indication of popularity.

I've been following the Game of Arms fan page. for the past few weeks. Great trailers that are promoting the upcoming premiere on AMC on February 25th 2014 are posted regularly and alternate with pictures of the pullers whose we will see in action during the series.

Today I noticed that the number of followers of the GoA fan page is over 10,000. Maybe for some people these 10,000 "likes" is nothing special, but I think if the page managed to reach this number in 10 weeks (the page was founded on 25 November 2013) it means something... Great promotion!!!  I can't imagine how fast the numbers will increase once the show starts to air!

info: VISNIA