25 Feb 2014

Game of Arms - one day to the premier

photo: Game of Arms / AMC

One day left to The Game of Arms premier on AMC. Tomorrow on Tuesday, February 25th at 10|9c. the first episode will begin the series of ten planed for the first season. Yes, it's very posible that armwrestling fans will be watching on AMC the second season too. "There's so much more to come they are really looking the second season and it hasn't even begun yet" - said Allen Fisher. 

Allen Fisher told Armwrestlers ONLY, that fans of Game of Arms from outside of North America will be able to watch the episodes on the GameofArms.amctv.com. "Be sure to inform all our European friends that they'll be able to watch the episodes on GameofArms.amctv.com when they upload them" - said Fisher.

info: VISNIA