28 Feb 2014

Game of Arms not for Europe

Several days ago I been told by one of the athlete who takes part in the first season of Game of Arms that Europeans will be able to watch the episodes on GameofArms.amctv.com when they upload them. Day after the premier, the first episode was upload on AMCtv.com and we in Europe can see only this (pic above). Also I was informed that AMC is pursuing anyone sharing the pirated copy of the show, wich is the only way for us in the Europe and other places to watch the show. I removed the post and won't publish them more.

I do understand and respect AMC and I wish Game of Arms all the best, but to write, or inform about something I need to see it first. I never expressed my opiniony by reading ONLY people's comments.

Hope are fans / supporters who are able to watch GoA and write about the show, becouse as you can see... myself, I can't do it.