23 Feb 2014

Carolyn SNOW Fisher

Go ahead and I’ll pay the 10.00 bucks for you to enter. You’ll do great! Besides, you beat all the guys in high school already.” This was what Pam said as she urged her good friend Carolyn to compete. “It could’t hurt”, came the replay, “First place is a 50.00 gift certificate for a Western Shop and I really want cowboy boots!” So 30 years ago Carolyn Snow won her first tournament in a small town in Alberta Canada.

Carolyn went on to win the Canadian Championship in both left and right arm and in both weight classes in that same day. A year later, she won the World Championship in Petaluma California. Now a 5 time World Champion, Carolyn says some of her best matcheswere those where is seemed her opponent had the edge. “I have had some great experiences arm-wrestling and met some truly amazing competitors. I remember competing against a very strong guy from Slavic countries. After this awesome pull, we both grinned and hugged each other so hard because we knew it was an extremely fair match and she had earned the the win. I loved it ”Kellie Nelson is a dear friend and possesses a great spirit! I am always honored to be able to pull against her”.

Carolyn has also had some great challenges and faced many fears. There were times when I was so gripped by "what if “ and the drive to win that I was almost paralyzed and sick. My head would swirl and I would have to sit down.” Carolyn shares at her trainings what she did to overcome those challenges. A small consideration of “What if” in a competitors head can shake the very foundation of their power.

She has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including the movie “Over the Top” with Sylvester Stallone. Carolyn and her husband Allen have been married over 25 years. (25 time World Arm Wrestling Champion) Together they hold Arm Wrestling Training Camps in which they cover many aspects of becoming a champion. Carolyn focuses on having the nutritional aspect of preparing for competition and how to use the proper fuel for an athlete for peak performance.

She has been featured in the book “You Go Girl” which features Nationally and World Ranked women athletes. Carolyn has also appeared in numerous television shows, commercials and a plethora of media including T.V., Magazines and Radio Shows. She also had the honor of being featured in the 10 year anniversary showing of the “Over the Top” Movie in “Movies, For Guys Who Like Movies”.

Author: Carolyn Fisher

Carolyn and her husband Allen - Hume Lake

Carolyn Fisher - UAL 2010

Carolyn winning the match

Carolyn and her husband Allen with the trophies

Carolyn with silver medal - WAF Worlds 2008

Carolyn in Japan

Carolyn Fisher with John Woolsey, John Brzenk and John Burgeson

John Brzenk, Sherry Mundy, Carolyn Fisher, Eric Woelfel
Overall Champions - 1997 National Pro-Am Armwrestling Championship