13 Feb 2014

Bragging rights

Of the three Supermatches at the 2014 MGC the match between Canada's John Milne and USA's Robert Baxter might have the most symbolic attachment to it.

Milne who trains with Larratt faces Baxter who trains with Brzenk know that this match is for a lot of bragging rights for both men and their respective teams. Like the other 2 matchups at the MGC it's a best 3 of 5 right handed contest. The signs point to John Brzenk and Bob Brown both being there to support Baxter while Larratt will most likely miss the tournament because of scheduling.

It appears that both men are confident enough in themselves and expect victory.  Baxter even made a point to Milne that his team said he didn't even need a game plan, he just needed to show up and win.

Undaunted, Milne will let his arm do the rest of the talking and has even been heard saying that he'll challenge John Brzenk right after he disposes of Robert Baxter.  

It should be quite a show for the 10th anniversary of the Mike Gould Classic.  By all reports this will be the final instalment of this legendary Canadian tournament that's hosted some of the best armwrestling in the world over the years.  You won't want to miss this one.

By John Milne