28 Jan 2014

UAL Vs Games Of Arms Champions

Very interesting thread been started by Bob Brown on Northeast Message Board... titled: UAL Vs Games Of Arms Champions

Here is Bob Brown's first comment: "This is going to be a very exciting event coming up in March. wawl.net/event-details/ The Games of Arms show will of been starting to air on AMC. www.amctv.com/shows/game-of-arms

The UAL has started to grow rapidly. theual.com

I am very excited to see these two leagues go head to head. Can't wait to see Micheal Todd, Todd Hutchings, John Brzenk, RVJ and all others go head to head against the Games of Arms pullers. Oh and wait, we may get to see another Kevin Bongard vs Mike Selearis again. YES YES YES

Thank to these two leagues for 2014. Should be great

Good Luck to all."

After a few comments left by people in the thread, also the UAL founder, Robert Drenk expressed his opinion on this topic, saying:

"UAL is a league and has contracted Athletes that are exclusive GOA is a "Reality Show" two total different deals. The UAL tournaments are open for anyone to compete but if I'm correct most of the GOA athletes signed contracts that limited them from competing in the UAL. We have the best in North America on contracts, would a few of the GOA guys make good matches for some of our contracted athletes sure and that could happen via a tournament at UAL if there contract allowed it but with that said none of them will ever be a UAL World Champion because only contracted UAL athletes can compete in the Ultimate Match Ups. As for this new league no offense but I think it's a tad disrespectful for everyone to be so quick to jump on the band wagon and not have a little loyalty and support a league that's invested so much for the sports long term goals and growth. Why would UAL athletes go pull in a first time league event? Not saying it's another Las Vegas situation but who knows?! We have and will continue to support the sport and grow the UAL, we've been in the game since 2010, made every payout put on top notch events and continue to improve. We will show loyalty to those whom do the same! It's time to show your colors. 

Some of you will understand and some won't, when you have 4 years and a ton of your personal money into a business giving opportunity to people then when a competitor (new league) comes around and you watch those same people start promoting there 1st time event and talking about competing in that event it simply shows no loyalty or regard to the money and time we spent giving you this opportunity (signed athletes). The problem with this sport has been exactly this people are afraid to invest into a sport where there's no return on investment, that return will only come once loyalty has been established and we all are one team, that's what we've been trying to accomplish with the affiliated program.


It is easy to throw a tournament and hand out cash it's a total different investment when you're putting a production together and making a run at Sports Broadcasting. I think this sport has one GOOD shot at making it and it's going to take a lot of cash, quality material, loyal athletes and organizations to make it come together. If you want the sport to grow unfortunately you will need to choose what group you believe in and Run with your decision, hang in there and stay true to your team. We've proven our stake in this game, it's about to be a fun ride for the UAL Loyal Athletes!"

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