9 Jan 2014

The risks of dietary supplements - Heidi Andersson

Heidi Andersson's comment to the video:

"In Sweden and other countries there are no 100% safe controls of supplements.

National Food Administration checks the contents on the labels of the products, not the content. You can never know what the product contains. If you take supplements you can get doping classified medicines inside your body without knowing it.

There are not many people who needs supplements, it may be necessary if you have demonstrated lack of any substance otherwise you will get everything you need by a varied and nutritious diet - by qualitative food, eco-labeled products. I eat a lot of elk/moose. My mother is a great hunter.

How can I avoid getting into me doping classified substances?

What you can do is look at the table of contents and see if you can find the substances mentioned on the WADA doping list . BUT this is not safe because you never know if the substances that are written on the label of the product is the same as inside. Avoid products that promise performance increase, muscle / weight gain and fat burners they have proven to be the overthrow of the risk groups. Many athletes like me does not use supplements because they do not want to risk getting themselves doping classified or substances that not are good for our health. "

info: VISNIA