3 Jan 2014

The 50 Greatest Armwrestlers in History

In addition to the “Legends” and “Best Ever” exercises, it was decided that it would be interesting to compile a list of the 50 Greatest Armwrestlers of all time.

Using the initial list of eight legends, a panel of experts was once again consulted to come up with another 42 names to make up the “50 Greatest” list. Four of the same five experts were consulted, plus a new expert took part: Charlie Minell.

John Brzenk, Engin Terzi, Neil Pickup, Eric Roussin, Charlie Minell.

See expert profiles of John Brzenk, Engin Terzi, Neil Pickup, and Eric Roussin here...

Charlie Minell’s Profile:
  • Involved in the sport since 1996
  • Fascinated by armwrestling’s history since the beginning – a serious student of the sport
  • One of the armwrestling’s Internet pioneers, starting the Swedish Armwrestling website in 2000, and more recently co-founding and maintaining World of Armwrestling, which became the premier source for international armwrestling news
The results were tabulated, and in early 2011 the list was revealed. The 50 Greatest Armwrestlers in History are as follows:

1 - Virgil Arciero,  Ruslan Babayev,  Rustam Babayev,  Travis Bagent,  Ron Bath,
2 - Marcio Barboza,  Kevin Bongard,  Bill Brzenk,  John Brzenk,  Jerry Cadorette,
3 - Denis Cyplenkov,  Cleve Dean, Genaddy Fadzinov,  Allen Fisher, Cvetan Gashevski,
4 - Jan Germanus,  George Givens,  Gary Goodridge,  Erekle Gurchiani,  Dave Hicks,
5 - Ibragim Ibragimov,  Taras Ivakin,  Jerry Janning,  Yoshinobu Kanai, Vakhtang Javakadze,
6 - Alan Karaev, Shamil Karajaev,  Zoloev Kazbek,  Devon Larratt,  Arsen Liliev,
7 - Richard Lupkes, Ion Oncescu,  Ferit Osmanli,  Dave Patton,  Sylvain Perron,
8 - Andrey Pushkar, David Randall,  Sharon Remez,  Cobra Rhodes,  Andreas Rundström,
9 - Anatoly Skodtaev, Engin Terzi,  Taimuras Tsakhilov,  Roman Tsindiliani,  Zaur Tskadadze,
10 - Al Turner, Alexey Voevoda, Bert Whitfield, Johnny Walker, Khadzimurat Zoloev,