22 Jan 2014

Don: Game of Arms

"Game of Arms" is a supermacho-man series that explores the "raw and highly competitive world of American arm wrestling." Producers Matt Renner and Ethan Prochnik are no strangers to manly reality TV; they've won Emmys for their work on Discovery's "Deadliest Catch." While this clip was shot on the mean streets of New York, the producers traveled all over America — Erie, Pennsylvania; Kansas City, Kansas; Sacramento, California; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana — to document the wrestlers and their families. Every episode will climax with a regional competition, leading up to a tournament where prizes include cash and bragging rights.

The wrestlers hit the mats in February, which is great timing for people who join gyms in January and get bored within weeks. Watching Selearis and the other musclemen push themselves to their limits could inspire you to hit the treadmill. Maybe." - tv.yahoo.com, watch Don Underwood - Game of Arms PROMO here...

Game of Arms premieres Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 10 p.m. on AMC.

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