1 Jan 2014

Armwrestling Legends - Men

In late 2010, an exercise was led by Tomasz Wisniowski (founder of Armwrestling24h, co-founder of the Armwrestling History Channel, founder of Armwretlers ONLY) to identify the “legends” of armwrestling. A total of 45 people took part, including top athletes, referees, and promoters with a wide array of experience and knowledge of the sport. Those involved were asked to provide an answer to a simple question: “Who is a legend in armwrestling?” No specific guidance was provided, and so participants could interpret the term “legend” as they saw fit. 

List of Participants:

John Brzenk, Travis Bagent, Engin Terzi, Arsen Liliev, Ron & Cindy Bath, Cleve Dean, Ferit Osmanli (Farid Usmanov), Bill Collins, Bob Paradis, Marcio Barboza, Gary Goodridge, Irina Makeeva, Kurt Howgate, Michael Todd, Sharon Remez, Don Underwood, Jerry Cadorette, Devon Larratt, Christian Binnie, Pascal Girard, Eric Roussin, Kurt Niyazi, Neil Pickup, Allen Fisher, Lubomir Jagnesak, Janis Amolins, Igor Mazurenko, Dave Patton, Heidi Andersson, Egle Vaitkute, Richard Lupkes, Margie Ciaccio, Steve Stanaway, Karen Bean, Bruce Way, Norm Devio, Rustam Babayev, Taras Ivakin, Jan Germanus, Lori Cole, Cobra Rhodes, Mike Gould, Tamara Mitts, Charlie Minell, Barb Zalepa.

Once all of the opinions had been collected, they were sent to five special “experts” (who had taken part in the first part of the process as well).


John Brzenk,  Allen Fisher,  Neil Pickup,  Engin Terzi,  Eric Roussin.


John Brzenk:
  • Recognized as the best armwrestler in the history of the sport
  • Has competed all over the world and against most of the top competitors over the past 30 years

Allen Fisher:
  • Has over 30 years in the sport
  • Is a multiple World and National Champion

Neil Pickup:
  • Former World and European Champion
  • Promoter of one of the Biggest Profesional Armwrestling League "ARM WARS"
  • Involved in some manner in almost all of the top armwrestling events from the past 10 years
  • Has relationships with more key figures in the sport than perhaps anyone else in the world

Engin Terzi:
  • Referred to by some as an “armwrestling encyclopaedia”
  • Many-time National, European, and World Champion
  • Has competed in most of the top events in North America and around the world over the past 20 years
Eric Roussin:
  • Has been compiling detailed information on the history of the sport through extensive research for several years
  • Has maintained North American Armwrestling Rankings for six years, first on the Pinnacle Armwrestling and then on the In the Hook website. 
  • Has over 15 years in the sport and is an active promoter and competitor

At this point in the process, the experts were asked the following question:

“According to your knowledge, and keeping the opinions of these 45 people in mind, could you please send me your final opinion on who is a legend in armwrestling?”

In order to qualify as a “legend” in this exercise, a competitor had to be named by at least three of the five experts. The result was the identification of eight legends:

Ron Bath
John Brzenk
Cleve Dean
Cvetan Gashevski
Dave Patton
Andrew COBRA Rhodes
Engin Terzi
Johnny Walker