2 Jan 2014

ArmROBOT in armwrestling

What is more important in armwrestling – the wrist or the bicep? What is their relation?... soon maybe for those and others questions we will get an answers.

Iza Małkowska writes on Armpower that Igor Mazurenko is preparing to write his PhD thesis, the effect of which will be the aforesaid apparatus."The more I explore the calculations, the more questions arise" – says Mazurenko.

Also in 2014 will be made avelable an apparatus for measuring wrist and bicep strength, speed, endurance. Apparatus is at the moment being constructed, then needs to be granted patent rights. It’s computer system will be fully compatible with Mazurenko tables. 

Can you imagine how this could be helpfull?... if f.e. in the club were you train is machine like this, any time you can use it when is need to check where you are in your preperation, where the focus needs to gose more, to make you more complete armwrestler. 

Watch here Matthias "Hellboy" Schlitte testing a ROBOT in 2011.

info: VISNIA