30 Dec 2013

Who Is the Best Super Heavyweight Ever ?

In addition to debating who should be considered a “legend” in the sport, it’s fun to discuss who should be recognized as the best pullers of all time, by weight category. In late 2010, the experts agreed on the following competitors:

Best Ever – John Brzenk

Best Lightweight – Rustam Babayev

Best Middleweight – John Brzenk

Best Super Heavyweight – No agreement (competitors originally considered: Richard Lupkas, Alexey Voevoda, Cleve Dean, Gary Goodridge)

One of the experts, Engin Terzi, suggested that only John Brzenk should decide who the best super heavyweight of all time is, because he has competed against all of them. John’s opinion on the subject was as follows:
"It wouldn’t be fair for me to even guess who would win if we could combine time and everyone could come in at the very best shape of their lives. Still too many unknown variables.
Yes, the names mentioned are the Giants that I remember growing up. Another guy that could be in this mix would be Scott Norton … during the Over The Top year 1986 ..he was scary strong.
Yes, Richard Lupkes was huge raw power …and it was very difficult to get any natural armwrestling angles on him.
Gary Goodridge was very powerful in 96-97 … but was still limited by his build ..smaller hand that could be used against him.
Cleve Dean was around for a long time before my time, so it’s impossible for me to gauge his best ability. But later I discovered that his strength was in his HUGE hand size and that his arm once brought to wrist to wrist was beatable.
I don’t have any serious experience with Alexey… only pulling him in 2004 and not being in the greatest condition. But it would seem his huge strength is in his hand and rotation, and he maybe would have been defeated by a BIG strong Norton or Lupkes if forced into a hook.

The current best heavyweight in my mind isn’t a scary strong guy with a blast your arm off power …BUT he still may have the long build to control and strangle the life out of all the past best heavyweights.
Devon should be part of this list. If we are talking very best at one point in time.

These 6 guys are the ones that stick in my head through the years at being the current best in the World at their peaks."

By Tomasz Wisniowski / VISNIA