24 Dec 2013

WAC: TOP 16 is a breakthrough in armwrestling

Message form the PAL facebook fan page:

"TOP 16 is drawing nearer every day. We should know the first fights’ results in May. Let’s explain a little the main idea of this project.

Our goal is to create a real group of professional armwrestlers – says Igor Mazurenko, the creator of TOP 16. – So far all the so-called “professional” tournaments had no right to be. Why? Because every contestant in them also took part in the World Championship and the European amateurchampionship, fighting lower – tier tournaments along the way. This was mostly due to the lack of finances, allowing any contestant to really go pro.

In some countries, like Georgia, Ukraine or Turkey, contestants representing their country on the international stage receive some form of financial gratification from sponsors, sports committees and non-government organizations. TOP 16 has been created to allow the best fighters financial gain outside of those structures. At the same time, TOP 16’s goal is to promote and evolve armwrestling to the level of other popular sports, like boxing, tennis or MMA.

The heroes of TOP 16 will have bigger possibilities for gaining financial support for their sporting development – thinks Mazurenko. – TOP 16 is not only a Grand-Prix like event. It’s also media leverage, being part of charities, movies, TV-shows. The TOP 16 crew will get every kind of management: sports, professional and image-wise. The best will become celebrities, their faces known all over the world.

TOP 16 is an undertaking, the like of which has never been seen in the world of armwrestling. In the next 5 years Igor Mazurenko is planning to take the best contestants away from meaningless contests and lead them into the world of grand sports events.

We have a huge challenge in front of us. – says Mazurenko. – However, I believe in my experience in this sport. I know how to promote my events. TOP 16 is a breakthrough, a new era in the world of armwrestling."

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