27 Dec 2013

Northeast Board Redesign Underway

New look, many changes, more possibilities to inform armwrestling world about your event or other stuff related to armwrestling.

Kurt Howgate's comment about the changes and new look of the best armwrestling forum in the world, the Northeast Message Board:

"As you may have noticed, the board has been updated with a new version of the interface.

I have added back several of the custom features I had on the 'old' board. However, there are a number of features that will require more time to get 'right' (such as country flags, location icons, various font & colors options, etc). 

I will continue to update the board over the next few weeks, as time permits.


New maximum image width on the board is 600 pixels. 
All images wider than that will be automatically downsized to 600 pixels.
On the flip side, avatar sizes are now up to 150x150 pixels (as opposed to the previous 100x100 limit).


Look for the new 'Actions' drop-down at the top of each thread.

There are a number of new actions you can do, such as sharing the thread on Facebook, Twitter, and bookmarking it. Everyone now has a BOOKMARK link on the top menu bar that lists all your bookmarked threads.


FYI.... Ad-blocking software is not recommended for this board!

If ad-blocking is active in your browser for this site, not only will it block the main ad-banner, but it potentially will block all of the tournament banners, side-bar banners, menu buttons, etc. Not only will the site look bad and limit the functionality, but you many not even be able to navigate around if the menu buttons are missing.


I've added a left collapsing sidebar that I will update with newly released 'Game of Arms' videos, etc."

info: VISNIA