4 Dec 2013

How would you help AW grow?

"1. figure out what we are. nobodys done this in 50 years. either promote the Bad Boy bar image and everybody wear jeans and hats and boots..... or act like a sport and everyone dress and behave like an athlete. 

2. much bigger separation between Ams and Pro. you need to earn a Pro Card. 

3. shorten events to 3 hours max."   - Very well said John.

To these I would add yet:

- Think how to improve organization, advert and promotion of your event. Stop continue the style which was "cultivated" in last few decades... A POSTER & STARTING FEE with 100's weight classes. ATHLETES SHOULD SUPPORT YOU, BUT THEY SHOULD NOT BE THE  ONLY FINACIAL SUPPORT, TRY TO FIND A SPONSOR or ANOTHER WAY OF FINANCING.

- Too many waight classes (it should be max. 5 to 6 in men & 3 in women classes).

- Let the athletes fight, Armwrestling is a combat sport... make the rules more simple. Camera aways can see more then human eye... things like mikro fauls kills the attractiveness of this sport, makes it very boring for the viewers. Athletes should be main actors during the matches.. not referees.

- During all these years I asked many people to join A24h then AHC & AO, and work under own name... writting an articles, express opinions etc. I have always heard... "I will try to help you but not promises"... when I heard this, then I knew this will never happen. Thanks God I met people like Eric.

How many websites/blogs informing regularly about this sport ? hym... let me think, in all world it will be very, very few... For the 50+ years of history of this sport only few sites.... this clearly says something.

Everyone or most of you heard about WWC in Petaluma, the event was run in California, U.S. almost 50 years. One of the reasons why Petaluma was so successfull so many years, is Bill Soberanes. Bill, the co-founder of the event worked as a journalist in the local newspaper informing public regularly about the event & the athletes. So the journalists who mostly did not know anything about this sport could easy find all needed informations to write own articles.

One of the reasons why MMA growth so fast IS the 100's websites and blogs informing/promoting the sport around the world. Look at the UFC... interviews before and after the events, trailers promoting upcoming fights, athletes promoted around the world....  What we have in armwrestling,... hym very few websites/blogs, few armwrestling forums, on facebook... discussion groups and fan pages. Except for few PRO event, most of the event organizers poste a cheap flyer done in word plus the info about the event and that is all.

Dear event organizers if you think that journalists will be search your event's fan pages to find informations to the article they want to write... you are wrong. It must be shown in nice and simple way. Facebook should be only used to INFORM public, that something new has appeared on the official website, or somewhere which is related to your event. On the website should be clearly explained WHO, WHAT, WHEN & WHERE. Stop believe in the MAGIC of "LIKEs". If oneday you want to see the info/s about your events appering in a such magazines like New York Times, Washington Post or other big... first build a solid information platform on your website for their Journalists.

Tomasz Wisniowski / VISNIA