26 Dec 2013

Gary Goodridge


Name:  Gary Goodridge
D.O.B:  17 January 1966
Residence:  Barrie, Ontario
Country:  Canada
Fight Style:  Varied
Biceps:  52,5cm / 20 1/2 in
Forearm:  46cm / 18 in
Height:  191cm / 6'3 ft
Weight:  110kg / 242 lbs
Nickname:  Big Daddy
Club: ...

Started armwrestling: 1981

Toughest opponent:  John Brzenk

Toughest match: John Brzenk and Richard Lupkes

Best training advice:  Love chin ups for arm wrestling.

Goal: Want to raise my two girls with great morals and values like there moms for the most part lol.



(Win - Loss - Draw)
Left Hand ( 0-0-0),  Right Hand (0-1-0)

                                     Result  /  Opponent  /  Hand  /  Score  /  Event  /  Date                                 

  LOSS    Dan Kadlec / Right / 4:0 / MLA - Toronto Pro Super Show / 02.06.2012


WAF World Titles:
1987 - L +110kg Senior, R +110kg Senior,
1990 - R +110kg Senior,
1993 - L +110kg Senior, R +110kg Senior,

YUKON JACK World Titles
1995 - R Heavyweight Division
1996 - R Heavyweight Division

Bras De Fer in Paris 1991 
R Heavyweight Divison

1987 OV World Armwrestling Championships
R Heavyweight World Title

AWI World Title:
1985 - R Heavyweight Division

11x National Champion

L - Left Hand
R - Right Hand

# The achievs of Gary Goodridge are not completed yet ...


Gary Goodridge with John Brzenk, Dave Hick and Phil Stopphert

Gary Goodridge vs Devon Larratt - Mike Gould Classic 2010

Gary in the gym

Gary Goodridge vs Cleve Dean - Yukon Jack

Gary Goodridge and Cleve Dean - Yukon Jack

Gary Goodridge vs Silvain Peron

Gary Goodridge and Kurt Niyazi

Gary Goodridge - left hand match

Gary Goodridge vs John Brzenk

Gary Goodridge - WAF Worlds 1987

Gary Goodridge, late 80's

Gary Goodridge vs John Brzenk - late 80's

Gary Goodridge and Rick Vardell

Gary Goodridge - AWI World Championships

Gary Goodridge and Scott Norton - Over the Top 1986

Gary Goodridge - Over the Top Finals 1986

Gary Goodridge, Phil Stopphert and  Garvin Lewis - Canadian Nationals

Gary Goodridge in early 20's

18 years old Gary Goodridge - Monster Arm Wrestling