19 Dec 2013

Fight against doping in Russian Armsport Assosation

On December 27th a meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Armsport Assosation (RAA) will be held.

The main goal of the meeting will be to discuss problems associated with the results of the doping control of Russian athletes in 2013 at the European and World championships (6 positive results at EuroARM and 3 positive results at the WAF Worlds).

Someone may ask: why is the meeting organized now, when the armwrestling season is over and the next international event for Russian Athletes (EuroARM) will be held in the middle of 2014? Why the rush? Because the problem is a serious one: a threat of disqualification of the Russian national team from international competition and potential loss of accreditation of the RAA with the Russian Ministry of Sports. This would engender significant financial repercussions for Russian armwrestling in 2014.

Proponents of the RAA know that there is no time for waiting and action needs to be taken now, because in a few months it could be too late.

It seems like the golden era of cheaters in amateur armwrestling is approaching the end...

info: VISNIA