12 Nov 2013


A statment of USAA executive director, Denise Wattles about co-operation between USAA and UAL:

"There is a misconception that USAA (Leonard & myself) and UAL (Robert & Bill) are not getting along. Not true at all! Leonard & I have been working with Bill and Ginger for many years, I just helped out with the Vegas event. We all speak on the phone to each other, etc. We just have different concepts about our sport. Both associations are promoting Armwrestling to the best of their ability and will continue to do so. All "USAA" wrestlers have the freedom to pull where ever they want. UAL contracted athletes can pull at USAA's non-cash events. Too bad they can't participate in our Pro-Am's but that is the way it is.

We hope that UAL has great success in what they are doing and look forward to that time."

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