7 Nov 2013

SutorSTRONG. Denis Cyplenkov - Hulk goes on Nemiroff

In interview for Sutor STRONG Denis Cyplenkov says that he have to choose what's more important, paying his mortgage, truck payment etc. or being a good athlete! Curently he has good job, and a lot of work, this is his priority now.

Denis explained why after four years in a row competing at Nemiroff, we didn't see him last year. The reason is money, he gave an exemple of 2010 event, where he won in 4 categories and the prize money even didn't cover his expenses for the preparation, he spent $1000 more then he won in Poland that year.

This year he is coming to Poland, he is after the agreement with the event organizer, Igor Mazurenko, which satisfy him financially.

For him the event like A1 is diferent becouse the cost of traveling is much more cheeper, doesn't need a visa, a pasport, doesn't need to pay for acomendation which all these cost money.

Denis likes A1 becouse he doesn't have to compete all day like f.e. it is on Nemiroff, where first has to compete in the weight cat. and then in the Open class, plus break between semi-finals and finals... all these cost athletes a lot of energy. At A1 he does compete only in Open class, leaving the posiblity to become a champions in the weight classes for another pullers, becouse in his opinion if you win in Open class, that means you are the best in all classes, so from the competitor perspective he preffers A1.

He like this sport and like competet, but he dosen't want go only for the event to compete to have a satisfaction, he wants earn money also...

Curently A1 Russian Open is for him priority, plus Nemiroff and PAL's supermatches (he wait for next year for what will happend).

About his fight with Larratt in Vegas... he said that from the begging he didn't believ in all these promisses from the event organizer, he felt sorry for all those athletes who went to Vegas, spent so much money (about 1500-2000 dolars) and found out that the event is cancelled. In his opinion Puskhar as a leader and the biggest start in this group, did right thing he didn't take part in the last minute surrogate event.

For this year's Nemiroff he was preparing over two months and he says that he is in good shape.

During the interview you can also watch Denis training in the gym.. Watch video here...

info: VISNIA