13 Nov 2013

Engin Terzi's World Ranking statement

Engin Terzi's statement on facebook:

"Dear Armwrestling World,

I do the rankings for many years just to promote our sport by creating an excitement.. I do not expect anything from it,not money nor honour...I even asked Fabio Nimis to do this but he didnt accept it.. I do my best to be as fair as possible to anyone.. There is no single time that it is possible to make everyone happy.. i try to answer the critiques as detailed as possible.. Once again i dont have intention to gain anything back by doing the rankings.. None of you are paying me for the rankings so please criticise in a respectful manner as much as possible to not to discourage me.. I am not expecting to be thanked ,neither to be disrespected.. THANKS"

Until armwrestling will not have a points ranking, which promote the most active athletes, Engin's ranking is the best in the world. We can have different opinions why someone is ranked higher then others, we can complaine... but the true is that is easy to say WHY, then run and update it.

Engin with his knowledge and dedication, together with Fabio Nimis does the best ranking in the world and IMO.. nobody can ranks Armwrestlers better than those two.

So if you want to see the best world ranking, please visit: www.xsportnews.com

info: VISNIA