29 Nov 2013

Championship Manager

"If you want to make the championships 
you have to read this" - Marcin Mielniczuk

Article from Armpower.net

"Championship Management, a computer programme for armwrestling competions organizing, was sent to WAF and EAF countries last year. It was also distributed at the European and World Championships this year.

Championship Management has been offered to a couple dozen people all over the world, but my observations have proved that only a few people can really use it – says Marcin Mielniczuk, IT president of Mazurenko Armwrestling Promotion Sp. z o.o, the creator of the program. - I'am afraid that most people haven’t even launched the application and don’t know how to use it. I get signals from all over the world that the application might be too complex, not for everybody to learn easily.

So why is it worth the while to get acquaint with Championship Management?
Because it’s the easiest and the best battle-tested program to run a show – states Mielniczuk. - It makes a lot of thing easy: weigh-ins, ID preparation, running the bouts (the protocols are written automatically, you just choose the winner of a fight), preparing the final stats (individual and team). It can also provide stats in a “2 hand sum” system, applied in the Eastern European countries.

The costs of the course are not steep, they include the costs of the trip for the training team, accommodation, catering and expenses.
How does a training session look like?

The hosting party organizes a venue (a conference room), or invites us to an ongoing competition – says Mielniczuk. – One or two people designated by WAF technical CEO arrive in the place. The training itself takes about 2 days, maximum 4-6 hours a day.

The course costs 500 euro, plus travelling expenses (1-2 people), accommodation and catering.

The participants get a level one Championship Management certificate after the course, they also get free technical support and update database. The certificate entitles you to organize and run an official tournament. There is also the option of translating the program to any language.

If you are interested in obtaining the course, do not hasitate to contact us at: marcin@eaf-armwrestling.com".

info: VISNIA