13 Nov 2013

Bresnan, Binnie & Chaffee about Nemiroff 2013

Americans, Tim Bresnan, Christian Binnie & Dave Chaffee, who took part in this year's Nemiroff World Cup, in heavyweight division have expressed own opinion about the event and their performance.

Tim Bresnan's comment on Northeast Board posted by Peter Milano:"Again If you have never been to a PAL show, you are missing the best show anyone anywhere on this planet! Igor and the PAL don't miss anything. I can't tell you how many interviews did for sport channels, the internet, and other news venues. Hats off for another GREAT SHOW!!!! P.S. Igor and PAL took great care of us. We wanted for nothing."

Christian Binnie's comment on facebook: "My second Nemiroff: What a tournament, the best run,best talent in the world. Igor, Marcin, PAL did an amazing job. To run a show like of that size with so many film crews, some live, so efficiently is nothing short of a miracle.

The reffing and rules: I may sound like I am making excuses, but I am extremely upset on my placing, after all the hard work I put in over the last yr, for it to come down to the Refs on every match, was devastating to me..

4 times IN DIFFERENT MATCHES I was told where to place my elbow, that I was NOT ALLOWED to place it and it HAD TO BE DEAD CENTER, REALLY? I was even held in that position by one ref as the match started. Now sometimes because of length of arm an AWer is moved, BUT THIS HAPPENED with 3 different pullers, whose length of arms,etc were all differ..."

Dave Chaffee's comment for AO: "The Nemiroff Cup was amazing! Everything about it was top notch. The competition, venue and lighting were incredible. I am happy with my performance. I would have liked to pulled off a win in the finals but unfortunately i couldnt keep my elbows down. I am looking forward to a rematch with Denis!"

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